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Running a successful hotel means high call volumes. Each caller is a potential guest that has lots of choices, and little patience. If you don’t convince or book them fast they are likely to just hang-up and call the Hotel down the street. If you must put them on hold, you’d better have a great on hold message that will keep them engaged until you can get back to the line.

Radio or music is better than nothing but still has the caller feeling disconnected from your business. And radio or music doesn’t inform the caller about what differentiates you from your competition, or why they should stay with you.

Hotels are all about a positive guest experience and a potential guest sitting on hold is likely to feel like this is a sign of the lack of service they are going to receive when they stay at your hotel.

Our scriptwriters know all too well that keeping a potential guest engaged and feeling like they are not being ignored while on hold is an uphill battle. With the right combination of pleasant music and informative content your caller will not only be willing to wait longer, but they will feel like they’ve made the right decision by calling. We’ll have them actually looking forward to staying in your establishment by the time you get to their call.

Don’t believe us? Contact us today for Hotel examples and listen for yourself the difference a good message can have.


 Script Ideas for Hotels


  • Room amenities
  • Seasonal packages; romance, golf, wine tours
  • Nearby attractions
  • Business meeting space and equipment
  • In house restaurant/lounge
  • Swimming pool, sauna, fitness facilities
  • Free parking or shuttle service
  • Pet policy
  • Frequent stay incentives
  • Newsletter or email
  • Website



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