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Top 10 reasons to let us handle your on hold messaging needs.

1. First month is free!

Try us out with no obligation to continue.


2. 100% satisfaction guarantee 

If you’re not impressed, you don’t pay!


3. No Contracts!

Yes that’s right, pay as you go, cancel any old time you like.


4. We’re affordable

More so than most other companies, yet our service is top notch! 


5. Continued service 

We don’t neglect you once you’re a client; we actually phone for periodic quality checks.


6. Experienced with most phone systems

We’ll get you working regardless of your phone system or you don’t pay.


7. Great scriptwriting

We write scripts for a broad range of businesses. You’ll love what we come up with!


8. Lots of music

We have a vast selection of licensed music that will fit your branding.


9. Great voice talent!

Our voices are great and unpretentious! We get compliments all the time.


10. Hmmm…

We can’t really think of a 10th reason but we’re really nice, and we like funny cat videos!







  • Here are just a few comments from our happy clients:

    Great thanks! I do have to say it has been a pleasure doing business with you and your company. Great service, easy to communicate and went so much faster then I originally envisioned. I am very happy our rep from communication connections recommended you.

         Thanks again Candice

    This MOH came out awesome Steve! Very very pleased. The woman who did the voice-over was excellent…. Good choice! Please let her know we all gave her an A++.

         Best regards, Mike Brodhurst

    Hi Dawna, with regard to advertising/messaging on hold we refer all our clients to Steve Campbell with MOH Productions. Steve provides a great production and is very affordable compared to many of his competitors. We have always had great feedback from anyone who has experienced his services.

         The Communication Connection Inc.

    Hey, I will look and perhaps we will have changes – but kudos to you guys, and us…we get compliments on it all the time.

         Shelley, Cruise Plus

    Hi Steve,   I was just speaking with a person who was on hold. She commented on how well our MOH sounded. It was professional, pleasant and friendly. I thought I would just send you an email letting you know that we have had a few comments like this and we are very happy with the product that you have provided us with.

         Melinda S., Office Manager, Big West Machine & Welding Ltd.


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