VoIP & Softphones

About Business Phone Systems.

You have a system in place? Great!:

We work with Ring Central, Ooma, Weave, Polycom, TDS, Cisco, Avaya, NEC, and many more

In today’s connected digital world, gone are the days of bulky cassette tapes and other outdated, expensive on hold equipment. In fact many businesses utilize softphone, Virtual PBX and VOIP solutions that eliminate the need for physical on-site phone systems. Many of these options are cost effective and offer tons of features.

With most Virtual PBX, soft phone or VOIP solutions we can provide quality phone tree, auto attendant and on-hold messaging solutions without any equipment at all and in many cases upload them for you remotely.

We have experience with soft phone companies such as RingCentral, Ooma, Weave and Vonage as well as VOIP phone systems such as Cisco, Avaya, NEC and more. Replace those synthetic voices and cheesy stock music with real broadcast quality voice artists and warm high quality music that reflects your image and branding for all your incoming callers.

If Equipment is Required.

We have experience with most PBX, Key and even analog phone systems (know as keyless phone systems.) that require a physical on hold player. We can get you connected quickly and easily, guaranteed. Our on-hold players are tough, durable, and have no moving parts that can wear out. They are also designed to be extremely easy to use and restart themselves after power outages assuring no down-time. In the unlikely event that one does break down, we replace them immediately and free of charge as part of our service commitment to you.

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